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Women around the world are continuing to discover for themselves the amazing benefits of the placenta.

Not just as a life-giving force for their baby, but also as a powerful tool for maternal post-natal healing and recovery.


There are a number of ways to utilise placenta,

encapsulation being the most palatable and

tincture being the longest lasting.

Our premium service includes collection of

your placenta* as soon as is practicable

following the birth of your baby, either from the hospital/birth centre or your home.

The placenta is then prepared and

encapsulated adhering to strict hygienic

standards, a process that generally takes two days.

Once completed, we will deliver your

Optimal Birth Recovery items to you, either in the hospital or at home, enabling you to optimise your post-natal recovery as quickly as possible.

The cost of capsule preparation service is $320*. 

* Some locations may attract an additional fee. Please be guided by 25km outside the Melbourne GPO; Geelong and surrounds not included.