Placenta encapsulation, placenta tincture, placenta print, cord keepsake - Melbourne, Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula

Women around the world are continuing to discover for themselves the amazing benefits of the placenta.

Not just as a life-giving force for their baby, but also as a powerful tool for maternal post-natal healing and recovery.

Our Services

Our premium placenta encapsulation service, available to mothers throughout greater Melbourne, Geelong & the Bellarine Peninsula, includes collection of your placenta as soon as is practicable following the birth of your baby, either from the hospital, birth centre or your home.

The placenta is prepared and encapsulated adhering to strict hygienic standards, a process that generally takes two days.

Once completed, we will have your placenta encapsulation package delivered to your home, enabling you to optimise your post-natal recovery as quickly as possible.

The cost of our premium placenta encapsulation service is $320*. 

We service all hospitals; our complimentary collection hospitals are University Hospital Geelong, St John of God Hospital Geelong, Epworth Private Geelong, Werribee Mercy Hospital, Joan Kirner Womens' Hospital, Western Hospital Sunshine, Royal Women's Hospital, St Vincent's Private Hospital, Epworth Freemasons East Melbourne.

We happily service other greater Melbourne maternity services for our placenta encapsulation services however a travel fee is applied to locations including Mercy Hospital Heidelberg, Northern Hospital Epping, North Park Private Hospital, Mitcham Private Hospital, Sandringham Private Hospital, Monash Medical Centre Clayton.

* Some locations may attract an additional fee (greater than 30km from Werribee).

Raw Placenta Encapsulation

The placenta is gently prepared using only water for rinsing and then dehydrated (at a temperature consistent with meat preservation) and ground into a powder for encapsulation. Raw placenta encapsulation is considered to be an invigorating and energising preparation. The effects. anecdotally, are considered stronger than that of TCM inspired.


Raw placenta encapsulation must be prepared within 48 hours of placenta birth.

The cost of Raw placenta encapsulation is $320.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) inspired Placenta Encapsulation

 The placenta is gently prepared and then steamed alongside freshly sliced lemon, ginger and chilli (certified organic where possible). The addition of the 3 ingredients is thought to enhance the placenta’s healing powers by converting and making accessible some of the nutrients that are normally lost with raw placenta encapsulation.


The placenta is dehydrated (at a temperature consistent with meat preservation) and ground into a powder for encapsulation.

TCM inspired placenta encapsulation is regarded as a gentler, balancing and tonifying preparation.

The cost of TCM inspired placenta encapsulation is $320. 

Placenta Tincture

An excellent addition to placenta encapsulation, placenta tinctures provide an long lasting way to harness the power of the placenta.

A tincture is a solution that contains a small portion of placenta in a high alcohol content solution (Optimal Birth Recovery uses 100 proof Vodka). It has a very long shelf life sue to the preserving qualities of the alcohol.


Reported benefits of tinctures include stress relief, energy boost, hormone and menstrual cycle stabilisation and, later in life, menopausal relief.

Placenta tincture is available in:

  • 50ml (+ $15)

  • 100ml (+ $25)

Placenta Print

Placenta Prints are offered complimentary as part of our premium placenta encapsulation service.


They are unique and beautiful prints, created on A3 artist paper, revealing the placenta's "Tree of Life" shape.

Umbilical Cord Keepsake

Umbilical Cord Keepsakes are also offered as a complimentary, optional extra to our premium placenta encapsulation service. 

Keepsakes are often shaped into hearts, coils or spirals and provide a long lasting reminder of mother and baby's life-giving bond.