Melanie and Jodi share a passion for a birthing mother’s choice to utilise her placenta, and have provided their premium placenta encapsulation service to over 500 women of Melbourne, Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula over the last eight years. They have absolute belief and trust in placenta’s restorative and healing powers after experiencing the amazing benefits of placenta encapsulation following the birth of their children.

With backgrounds in professional healthcare, both Melanie and Jodi understand that the health and safety of their placenta encapsulation clients is paramount. They each hold Australian Food and Safety Handling certificates, Blood Borne Pathogen certificates and have undertaken certification training in comprehensive placenta encapsulation with APPA (The Association of Placenta Preparation Arts).

Their aim is to assist birthing mothers to achieve their optimal birth recovery, by specifically tailoring their premium placenta encapsulation service to meet individual needs.

Melanie and Jodi understand how deeply personal the placenta encapsulation experience is in a birthing mother’s life and feel incredibly privileged to offer their premium placenta encapsulation service to women in Melbourne, Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula.

Your trusted placenta encapsulation providers

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Melanie and Jodi